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General Consultation

General Consultation

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Weight : Kg
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How is you appetite? Good Poor  
Do you have constipation? Yes No  
Do you feel any burning sensation in chest/abdomen? Yes No  
Type of food that you eat Vegetarian Non-Veg  
Do you consume tobacco in any form? Yes No  
Are you addicted to any other intoxicant (liquor/wine etc.)? Yes No  
Do you suffer from sleeplessness? Yes No  
Do you suffer from excessive urination? Yes No  
Is your Urine color yellowish? Yes No  
Do you feel any irritation or burning sensation while passing urine? Yes No  
How is your physique? Fat Slim Average
Are you a patient of Hypertension?
If yes, mention your blood pressure
Yes No if yes
Are you diabetic?
If yes, mention the sugar level
Yes No  
In blood
In urine
Have you suffered from any disease earlier?
If yes, name it
Yes No if yes
Do you feel palpitation of heart or pain in the chest or breathlessness during physical exercise? Yes No  
Any other problem that you might like to state.

If you have recently undergone a medical check-up pertaining to Sputum, phlegm, blood, urine or any X-ray, please mention the related reports.

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