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Female Consultation

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# indicates only for Married patients.

Date of marriage? dd/mm/yyyy   #  
Number of children?  #
Age of eldest child Year (s)  #
Age of youngest child Year (s)  #
How is your physique? Fat Slim Average
Has there been any miscarriage? Yes No  
If so, how many times? times    
Any child born after miscarriage? Yes No  
Have you ever suffered form fainting or convulsive fits? Yes No  
If so, was it- Before Marriage After Marriage
Do you still get such fits? Yes No  
Are the menstrual periods regular? Yes No  
Are they painful? Yes No  
Are you presently pregnant? Yes No  
If yes, mention the date of last menses? dd/mm/yyyy  
Do you feel any irritation or burning sensation while passing urine? Yes No  
Is your Urine color yellowish? Yes No  
Does any mucus (fluid/pus/white discharge) pass out in urine? Yes No  
Are you having problem of white discharge (leucorrhoea) in particular? Yes No  
Do you feel pain in the back? Yes No  
Do you feel pain below the naval? Yes No  
Do you have complaints of nausea or vomiting sensation in the morning? Yes No  
How is you appetite? Good Poor  
Do you have constipation? Yes No  
Do you feel any burning sensation in chest/abdomen? Yes No  
Do you consume tobacco in any form? Yes No  
Is there any history of hereditary disease in the family? Yes No  
If yes then mention it
Do you suffer or have you ever suffered from any venereal disease (Syphilis, Gonorrhoea)? Yes No  
Is your husband suffering or has ever suffered any venereal disease (Syphilis, Gonorrhoea)? Yes No  
If yes, indicate the exact nature of the disease
Are you diabetic? Yes No  
If yes, mention sugar level in blood
in urine

Are you a patient of Hypertension? Yes No  
If yes, mention your blood pressure    
Any other problem that you might like to state.

If you have recently undergone a medical check-up pertaining to Sputum, phlegm, blood, urine or any X-ray, please mention the related reports.

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