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Liver is not only an Nital organ but is the most important organ of the body to maintain the health. The disease like Jaundice, Hepatitis, if not diagnosed and treated in time and properly may give rise to complications and threaten the life.

Hepavel is an non toxic well balanced herbal combination which increases the bile secretion and improcess its flow normalizing the digestive and assimilative processes. Hepavel normalizes the appetite stimulating process also provides a soothing, anti inflammatory effect on liver and stomach, besides also help to remove obstructions from intestines, stomach, liver and gall bladder and control's nausea. 
Ingredients : Endive, Creeper Seeds, Artemisia, Emblica Myrobalan, Fomairs, Chaskin Yellow Crevmber, Rose, Melon Seeds, Chebuls Mysdobanom, Pheum, Salanum Nigrum, Fenmel Fruit, Sphaeranthus, Tanasix Leaves, Nymphaea Lotus. 

Dosage :

Adults :
2 to 2.5 teaspoon ful
Children :
6 to 12 years 1 to 1.5 tea spoonful
2 to 6 years 1.5 to 1 tea spoonful
Under 2 Years . to 1.5 tea spoonful 

Indications :

Precaution :

Not Known 

Availability :

Bottle 120 ml 


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