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Rheumatism restricts the body movements and decreases the mobility. Besides the pain and inflammation associated with rheumatism are agonizing and distressing for the patient whose physical fitness and quality of life are adversely effected. A.R. Laboratories has developed a well balanced formula from natural herbs, “RHEUMAVEL” in the form of tablets which safely and effectively helps the patients to overcome rheumatism, pain and inflammation, and improve the physical fitness and quality of life. Also helps to correct digestion and relives gasous destination. 
Ingredients : Ginger, Colchicum Luteum, Withania  Somnifera, China Root, Nigella Satiwa, Ajowa, Musale, Smilax Ovalifolia, Balsamo Dendron Mukul, Lepidium Sativum, Sapirdus Tri-foliatus.

All the ingredients used in Rheumavel tablets are used since long to provide relief from rheumatism pain and inflammation . in recommended dosage no side effect has been reported so far. 

Dosage :

One tablets 3 times a day after meals. 

Indications :

Precaution :

Not Known 

Availability :

Rheumavel Tablets are available in blister pack of 20 


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