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The present hectic schedule of life is resulting in an enormous mental stress and strain and physical in capabilities. Which ultimately leads to diminished mental, physical and sexual activities causing depression.

Verivit based on natural herbs is a safe and pot eat stimulator and general tonic for both sexes. By virtue of its ingredients restores and increases the normal mental alertness and required physical activities.

Verivit has special effects on sexual harmones and increases the motility and count of sperm, restores the lost muscular tone relieving distress and depression. 
Ingredients : Tribulus Terrestris, Cow Hage, Withania, Saffron, Mace, Salep, Asphalt, Musale, China Root, Alpine Galange.

All the ingredient used in Verivit tablets are being used since long and in recommended dosage no side effects have been reported so far. 

Dosage :

1 caplet twice a day with milk or water. 

Indications :


Precaution :

Not Known 

Availability :

Blister Pack of 20 caplets 


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