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A pleasant taste syrup effective in convalescent, it is exhillarah and general tonic for all systems of the body. Mega Plex increase the body resistant, it is safe and can be taken by all age of groups in any season. 
Ingredients : SILK Cocoon, Echium, Melisa Officinalis, Laven Du.a Stoechas Linn, Dodder Cuscuta Reflexa, Rosa Damascena Mill, Foeniculum Vulgare, Nymphaea Lotus Linn 

Dosage :

Daily dose 2 to 3 times daily
Age                  Dose
Adults                2  Teaspoonful
6 to 12 years      1 to 1  Teaspoonful
2 to 6 years        to 1    Teaspoonful
Under 2 years     to    Teaspoonful

Indications :

For the Corrections of deficiencies and to meet with the increased daily requirements during.
Old age, Growing children, Pregnancy and Lactation, Menstruation, Treatment with chemotherapeutics, Hospitalized and convalescing, Traumatic Stress, Anorexia. 

Precaution :

Not Known 

Availability :

Bottle of 120 ml 

Mega Plex

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