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70% of our country's population living in rural area's is deprived of purified drinking water, resulting in an enormous increase in the incidence of urinary tract-infections.

Majority of urinary calculus patients avoid surgery due to different reasons.

LITHIOGON liquid is a unique combination of natural herbs to disintegrate the urinary calculus into urinable fragments, normalize and improve the urinary tract functions. Thus it saves the patients from undergoing surgery.

LITHIOGON liquid not only disintegrates the urinary calculus but also enhances diuresis to wash out the disintegrate fragments. Besides, has an spasmolytic action to keep the patient pain free.

LITHIOGON liquid also helps in maintaining the physiological alkalinity of urine. Besides, Lithiogon helps in maintaining the normal flow of menstruation. 
Ingredients : Cucuma Melo, Fennel, Tribulus Terrestris, Foeniculum Vulgare, Cucumus Sative, Chichorium Intybus, Delichos Biflorus, Endive 

Dosage :

To be diluted in water
Adults (12 Years and above)
2 tea spoonful 3 times a day.
Children (6 to 12 Years)
1 to 1 tea spoonful 3 times a day
Children (2 to 6 years)
1 tea spoonful 3 times a day. 

Indications :

Urolithiasis (Renal or Vesical Calculus)
Pyelitis - Cystitis - Urethritis

Precaution :

The diabetics and pregnant patients (with advance pregnancy) should be kept under close observation by their physicians Gynecologists. 

Availability :

Bottles of 120 ml 


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